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MnG - Akiyama Kazuya by chiikyourisenka MnG - Akiyama Kazuya by chiikyourisenka

.. because hot wet shirtless bishies wwwww. :iconnblolplz: WELP so many fun RPGs lately idk.

..idk I hope he make sense orz. //ming at self
Name: Akiyama, Kazuya
Age: 16
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Year: Freshmen
Level : [Undecided]
+ Butt..s
+ Have I wrote butt
+ Probably your butt too
+ Swimming
+ Watching people doing backstroke
+ Rain
+ Beach, river, lakes-- natural water bodies
+ Lots of western movies, TV series
+ His oPhone
+ And his bunny doll
+ Scenes in movies where the A/SR team do their ..thing.
+ Shingeki no Kyojin, Fullmetal Alchemist [about the only two manga/anime he ever get obsessed with.]

- Dry weather
- Shrimps
- Forced to do stuff
- Being disturbed
- Waiting
- Being told things he already knew
- People who keep looking down on themselves
- People who smokes, cigarettes
- Liars.
Personality: Impatient | Honest | Determined | Straight-forward | Temperamental | Prideful | 'Responsible'

At first glance, he's... a rude jerk who likes to stare at people's butt-- but let's not chalk it down at that. He's ridiculously honest, and self-procalimed handsome; though he believes that no one is ugly-- for him, beauty it's just a matter of taste.
He has a rather ridiculous temper issue, can get to the extent of throwing a fit over running out of toilet paper. He usually gets pretty cranky when he's told to wait, since he hates it with all his might.
He's a guy of principles, and his number one is to be proud of himself and what he does, and not let the oppinions and bashing of others affect him unless their critiques actually have a reason. He also holds honesty above all else; he'd rather die than lie.
His temper issue can get real nasty if people near him shows any sign of self pity or put themselves down in any way. He REALLY dislikes to be forced into doing something he doesn't want to, however, if its a consequence of any action of his, he won't worm his way out of it and he'll (try) to take it like a man.
He may come out as rude and temperamental to most; but once he gets attached to you, he'll prioritize you [nearly] above all else.

* Most of this history part is how he end up applying to Mizu no Gakuen; parts that deemed 'irrelevant' is being cut off since it would be too long. :iconlazycryplz: ;;;

For the most part, not much happened on Kaz's life, really. He led a relatively happy life with his parents and big sister. Maybe the problem that actually persist is his temper issue..? Which is not all that bad really-- at least he didn't turn into serial killer or anything. Heck, his family is rather ..wacky and pretty supportive to each other.
Of course, like every other, it has it's own issues; but none of which is severe enough to actually make them at each other's throat..That's about it, pretty much.
'Kay, moving on.
So on this one bright holyday (pun intended) at the beach when he was about 8 years old. He's being a little too careless when he's playing let's-try-to-ride-the-wave with his sis; fact that she can't swim just make the situation waay better than it already is--as she panics, he end up getting carried farther and farther from the shore and nearly drowned for good. Good thing there's this -- lifeguard guy, who happened to notice the situation and rush over to rescue the kid. He end up fanboying toward the poor guy over the next few months.
Long story short; that accident; that near-death experience is what drove his obsession toward swimming-- and what affect his life's goal for years to come. The school he goes to is not the kind of school that's wealthy enough to provide swimming pool; but they do have a swimming club (which is of course each member of the club need to pay the entrance to swimming pool themselves). They usually held their practice about thrice a week or so; though as it turns out, the kid is a little more determined than he should-- thus results on him often skipping some classes [rriight up to what he deem as 'the limit'] to go to the swimming pool and practices on his own. Needless to say, his academic score plummets significantly; being mediocre at best--and of course, is not on good terms with the teachers he run out from. Still, the said school trying their best to give him some leeway since.. well, he did bring home some medals that carry their name from some competitions that he participated in. Though most of the teachers is at their wit's end on having him around, and is happy for wrong reasons when he graduates.
--Imagine how happy he gets to know the existence of a high school which ACTUALLY dedicate themselves to shape their students to become swimmers. A friend of his told him about it and as predicted, he obsessed over getting in-- and soon as he graduates, he sent an application to enroll there right away. Of course his parents alright with it-- hey, people will do their best when they're doing what they liked most, right ? 'Sides, it may improve his chance to enroll to the Coast Guard academy later on.. But more on this later.

..Though to be honest, the "all-boy school" part of the description kind of contributes to list of reasons why he want to get in so badly. :iconminghideplz:

Additional Info:
- Most capable on doing breaststroke; but is most keen on doing freestyle.
- He never wore umbrella in rainy days.
- He loves his [new] oPhone so much he nearly worship it--/is hit/ Graduation gift from his dad.
- Often found observing butts when doing nothing
- Can't leave--and certainly can't sleep without his bunny doll around. Always carry it wherever he goes-- holding it always make him feel calmer.
- He have to wore glasses because he watched stuff [read: marathoning series] on computer too much
- Gay and proud.
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